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Goats provide much needed protein for the people of La Gonave.   Local families can rarely afford to buy meat.   The goat project provides breeding Nannies and a visiting Billy.  Depending on the size of the village they can have from 3 to 5 nannies.    There are numerous desperately poor villages which would benfit from being included in the community goat project.  In Jan 2019 Haiti Help was able to send money to buy 9 goats which meant  2 new villages could be added.    It costs £100 for each goat.  If you would like to buy one we will provide a laminated certificate to show your purchase.  The certificates can be personalised as required.   We recently did a certificates for goats called Ruby, to be given as a gift fof a ruby wedding aniversary and one called Rosy for a group based in Rosyth.   Email us at  for more details or to make a purchase.

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